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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Platinum prospects in Namakkal

India’s Geological Survey has found platinum prospects in Namakkal district. Describing them as good discoveries, the government said the GSI is at the scientific stage where there is an evidence of substantial deposits of platinum which needs to be explored further to understand the exact location and quantities.

The GSI was engaged in the exploratory work for the last three years. As of now, exploration was carried out up to 30 metres. If explored further, scientists of the GSI were of the view that the potential will be even greater, both in quantity and quality.

A memorandum of understanding was signed to facilitate further exploration of mineral development of the state.

The Geological Survey of India and Tamil Nadu Minerals Ltd (Tamin) will jointly explore the commercial viability of mining platinum group of minerals present in the Mettupalayalam and Namakkal areas of the state.

As per the agreement, GSI will also carry out surveys to find the presence of platinum in other parts of the state.

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